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How to add review platforms to review requests

You can decide which review websites you’d like to encourage customers to leave you reviews on. Some businesses find success by offering a variety of review websites to allow the customer to choose whichever website is easiest for them while others c

Select the Profile dropdown menu in the navigation bar on the left.

Select Locations from the dropdown.

Select the pencil icon.


If you have multiple locations, be sure to select the location you’d like to edit.

Scroll down and select Select Review Platform.

Select [+ Add Review Platform].

Select the Platform dropdown menu.

Choose the review platform you’d like to add to your review request and follow the instructions.


If you’re asked to add your business URL. Copy and paste the URL from your browser window for your specific review page on the website.

Select [+ Add] to add this review platform to your review requests.

Select [◘ Save & Continue]