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How to change your provided local phone number

During your onboarding process, you should have worked with your review manager to select a custom, local phone number to use when sending review requests. But, some businesses might decide that they’d like to try a phone number with, for example, a different area code.


Select the Profile dropdown menu in the navigation bar on the left.

Select Locations from the dropdown.

Select the pencil icon.


If you have multiple locations, be sure to select the location you’d like to edit.

Scroll down and select SMS & Email Settings.

Open the phone number dropdown menu by selecting the phone number.

If you already have more than one phone number, you can choose from the different phone numbers here. Then select [◘ Save & Complete].

If you want to create a new phone number, select ‘New phone number…’.

Type in the area code that you want your phone number to include. 


There are other filters you can search through but the area code would be the most useful for this situation.

Select [⧃ Search Number].

Choose which phone number you’d like to use and then select [✓ Book Now].


If there aren’t any phone numbers available in the area code you’re looking for, don’t worry, check back in a couple of days and see if more are available.

Select [◘ Save & Complete].