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How to respond to a discussion message

When ReviewPoint sends review requests to your customers, the message is sent by either text message (via a custom local phone number) or email (via a ReviewPoint hosted email with your name as the ‘from name’). 

Sometimes, your customers will respond directly to the email or the text message which will appear in the Discussions section of the ReviewPoint application. Since it can be important for great business owners or managers to respond to these messages, you can respond directly to your customers via text message or email directly in ReviewPoint.


Select Discussions from the menu on the left.

Unread messages will appear in bold. You can find these unread messages by looking through each page or by filtering by ‘Messages’ at the top of the discussions page.

Once you find the discussion that you’d like to respond to, select that customer to open a dropdown and then select the campaign that the message came through. 


If there are multiple campaigns, select the one in bold but typically, there will only be 1 campaign.

Type your message into the text box that has the placeholder text “Reply to [Customer’s Name]”.


Email responses are a little messy right now but the message from your customer will be all of the text up until the text “On [a date] at [a time].” If it’s a text message response, it will be more clear as to what your customer’s message says. In this example, the message says “Yes! I’ve already recommended you to one of my friends.”

Once you’ve finished your message, select the Medium drop down menu to the right of the message box.

Look at the message from your customer. At the bottom right of the message, there will be text that either says “Via EMAIL” or “Via SMS”. This tells you if they sent their message by SMS (text message) or by email.

In order to respond to your customer via the same messaging medium that they chose, select either EMAIL or SMS from the Medium dropdown menu.

Once you have double-checked that your message is correct and that the medium matches the medium that your customer responded to, select [Send ➣].